Love is in the air

A couple of weeks ago I spotted a quote that I just had to stitch. It’s also solved my dilemma of what to do with the pink aida I’ve had for a while but no inspiration for. This is stitched on 16 count and fits perfectly in a 7″ hoop

That’s a total of 80 french knots. I did start regretting my idea to use them for the viruses after about 10 but I’m glad I did it in the end. I really like the effect they give and I’m now much more confident at doing them neatly (you can see where I started the french knots as my first ones weren’t great!)

I’ve been playing around with PCStitch a bit already, but this made me come up with a complete font so I could use the font tool rather than draw out each letter individually, and actually turn it into a useable pattern rather than something chaotic that only I can interpret, so this has been good experience not just from a french knot point of view

If anyone would like to stitch this, here’s the pattern. I’d love to see yours if you do!

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