Getting back into tatting

It’s been a while since I taught myself needle tatting and I have a pattern I really want to make, so I thought I’d get a bit of practise at the basics in today.

This is just a simple heart design by Mónica Manceñido that has both rings and chains. It took less than half an hour for me to make, including the time trying to remember how to make the stitches, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

If I wanted it as a heart I think I’d redo it with an additional link between the left and right sides to keep the shape better, but I’m actually planning to use this as an applique in an embroidery piece so I’ll be able to reshape it a bit when I stitch it down.

Next it’s time for my bigger tatting project! Check back later for that and the embroidery this little piece will go into

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