Tatted Flower Bookmark

I’m trying to do more tatting projects at the moment to practise my skills. Little motifs like this tatted flower are great for this as they’re small and quick. I get my regular practise and still have time for other crafts.

This bookmark is based on a pattern from New Tatting: Modern Lace Motifs and Projects by Tomoko Morimoto. The pattern is for a single flower, but I chose to make three and attach them together using picots on the chains. I like the tatted flower motif, but I couldn’t work out what to do with it other than add it to my box of random crafted items. Adding two more tatted flowers turned it into a bookmark making it functional as well as pretty.

I used Lizbeth size 3 thread in Ocean Sunset and Girly Girl to make the tatted flowers. The Lizbeth mixed colour threads are my favourite to work with at the moment. I enjoy the vibrant colours and how the same motif can look different depending on where the colour changes end up.

Part of the reason I’m practising a lot is that I want to design my own patterns. It’s useful to see how the elements fit together to make a design and modifying them helps me understand that. In this case, I started by making one tatted flower. I worked out which picots could be used to attach the next then tatted most of the next flower. Once I reached the penultimate chain I replaced the final picot with a join, followed by another join on the first picot of the final chain. After finishing the second tatted flower, I repeated the process for the third. This could easily be continued to make a longer chain and turned into a bracelet or lace scarf

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