Easter Crafting and a free VW Campervan cross stitch pattern

I visited family over Easter, and as usual brought a few craft projects to work on. I mostly neglected my double knit scarf in favour of tatting. With the new metallic thread I bought, can you blame me though?

It’s pretty easy to tat with which was definitely a pleasant surprise after stitching with metallic embroidery thread. The only issues I found are that it tends to unravel and tangle, and that it’s hard to thread the tatting needle. I solved the former easily by just keeping it in the little plastic bag. You can buy a special thread holder to keep it together, but I really don’t think it’s necessary.

Since we had company, I chose a project with a simple repeating motif. This is Regal by Sparrow Kelly. I’ll put a finished photo up once I’m done!

My mum recently got back into crafting and asked if I could bring her a little cross stitch project. I hoped to raid my free magazine kit stash but unfortunately it’s mostly Christmas patterns so not ideal for this time of year. Luckily I had a good idea for a pattern and enough time to design it and put together a kit from floss and fabric I had to hand. She likes VW campervans and I’ve often given her campervan themed gifts so this seemed like the perfect idea!

No finished picture yet as she’s still working on it, but I’ll post one when she finishes. If you’d like to stitch my VW campervan pattern, you can download your free pattern below. I hope you enjoy stitching it!

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