Stitchmaynia 2019

Stitchmaynia is starting tomorrow! Will you be participating? This is my first year doing it and if like me, you hadn’t heard of this before, don’t worry. There’s still time to join in!

What is Stitchmaynia?

Stitchmaynia started in 2015 and happens every May. During May, cross stitchers start a new project every day for the first 15 days, or every day if they’re feeling ambitious! If that sounds like too much, you can choose to start less. Perhaps a new project a week? Or maybe get back to working on those UFOs (unfinished objects) we all have? The idea of Stitchmaynia is to discover new projects, inspire people to craft, and share projects with the stitching community.

You can join the Stitch Maynia facebook group here, but you’ll also see people participating in lots of different crafting groups.

But I’m not a cross stitcher

Not a problem! This is a great time to pick up your first cross stitch project and start a new hobby. You could also participate with your craft of choice. It’s all about having fun and sharing crafting so you don’t have to limit yourself to cross stitch!

Some of my Maynia supplies!

I’m planning to start a new project every day and hopefully finish some of the smaller ones. Since I enjoy a variety of crafts, I won’t just be doing cross stitch. I’m aiming for at least 50% to be my own designs but we’ll see if that’s too ambitious…

I’ll be posting progress shots from each days start, and will update later on with finishes, and in the case of my own designs, patterns. Expect to see a follow up to my black hole cross stitch and more!

Introducing my Monthly Mini Motifs!

To celebrate Stitchmaynia I’m going to be launching my new monthly mini cross stitch motifs! Every month I’ll be designing and sharing around 10 mini cross stitch patterns with a theme. Each mini motif will be around 20 x 20 stitches, so they’re quick to stitch and perfect for cards or using in samplers. The first collection, releasing tomorrow, will be Spring themed. Check tomorrow’s post for your free mini patterns!

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