Stitchmaynia Days 1 and 2

I made a great start on day 1 of Stitchmaynia. I didn’t just start a project, but also completed it!

This is one of my mini motifs that I’ll probably use for a card. It took me just under 90 minutes so these are really good for when you just want a quick project.

For day 2 I started working on a new pattern idea. I want to make a whole series of space cross stitch patterns to go with my black hole. I didn’t get very far with this one as I got distracted, but at least I’ve made a start! This one will be based on a nebula. It doesn’t show very well, but like the black hole this is also stitched using DMC Etoile floss.

For day 3 I’m thinking of a crochet pattern. I have a few ideas for some amigurumi cat toys, and I just need to pick one to actually start.

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