Stitchmaynia Day 5 and 6

Day 5 and 6’s starts were needle tatting. I’ve had a few large project ideas, but I really need to break them down into smaller components and work on the design step by step.

For day 5 I tried to make a 5 pointed star. There were a few false starts and tangled messes. Initially I thought about basing it on a 5 petal flower and then trying to make it pointier, but this didn’t work out.

I then moved on to the idea of a single central ring with chains coming off to make the points. Eventually I figured out how to get everything in the right place and made a star!

This is a little smaller than I want for my idea so I adjusted the number of stitches and came up with something I’m happy with

My day 6 project involved wrapping cabochons. There was quite a lot of trial and error with thread size, needle size and stitch numbers, but eventually I got something that kind of works

It’s a little looser than I would like, so it’s been soaked in hot water and is now drying. I’ve heard this can help tighten the wrap up a bit.

I really like the idea of tatting around cabochons so I think I’ll probably try out some more of those!

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