Stitchmaynia Days 11, 12 and 13

3 more days, 3 more new projects!

Day 11’s start is already finished! Other than the tail which I still need to weave in, but I can’t find my yarn needle right now.

While making one of my other amigurumi I realised it would be really simple to make a fortune cookie. This was quick to make, and just used a bit of scrap yarn. I liked how easy it was to get the shape, and I think it’ll bounce around pretty well which is good since it’s a cat toy. I’m in the middle of writing up the pattern which’ll be available soon.

For day 12 I started some embroidery. I’m fairly new to embroidery but as usual have way too many ideas about what I want to make. I thought I’d try some animals as most of my pieces so far have been linework.

This took ages! I’m slow at embroidery compared to other crafts so I think I’ll be working on this for a while

Day 13’s start is another amigurumi. I’m trying out a different spacing of increases for this to try to get a better spherical shape.

I’m still doing way more crochet and less cross stitch than I’d intended for Stitchmaynia. Given the point is to have fun crafting every day, I don’t think it’s an issue though. I have been working on a couple of cross stitch patterns, but they’re taking me longer than expected to get right. Hopefully I’ll have them ready to start soon

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