Tiny tatted hearts

I’ve not been crafting much lately due to getting kittens. Almost every time I sit down to craft they wake up and end up “helping” so I put everything away again. I did manage to find a bit of time though, and I’ve come up with this tiny tatted hearts pattern.

Tatted motif of pink hearts joined by chains

This still needs to be blocked, but you can get the idea! I’ll post a better picture once I’ve blocked it.

I’m planning to make this into a choker with multiple rows but it would work well as an edging too.

Here’s the first row of tatted hearts completed. The next row will have the hearts attached to the picots on the chains.

It’s taken quite a bit of time for me to decide on a tatted heart shape that I’m happy with. I originally started out making dimpled rings, but I can’t get them to look heart shaped enough. I think they work much better with a shuttle and I prefer needle tatting. Mine do have a slight heart shape, but not really the effect I was going for.

I’ve instead used half stitches to give the tatted hearts their shape. These spiral around the core thread changing the shape of the ring, and the caps give a point which adds to the effect. They also remind me a little of beaks so I’m thinking of adapting these to make an owl pattern at some point.

If you’d like to make my tiny tatted heart pattern, you’ll need tatting thread (I used Lizbeth size 20) and appropriately sized tatting needle. You could also use a shuttle to make this pattern, but I’ve not tested it with this.

Note: Reverse work between rings and chains as usual

Ring: 6ds, 6 1st hs, 6 2nd hs, 6ds

Chain: 3ds, p, 6ds, p, 3ds

If you wish to make multiple rows of hearts, adapt the ring as follows

Ring: 6ds, join to last picot on chain of row above, 6 1st hc, 6 2nd hs, join to first picot on following chain, 6ds

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