Longer term projects

I tend to have lots of projects on the go at any one time since I like switching project and craft depending on my mood. Some of these are longer term projects that span over months if not years. I pick them up when I feel like it then often put away for weeks until I have the urge to work on them again. Inevitably these long term projects are for me. I’m much better at getting things finished for other people. I don’t normally have a deadline for projects for myself, and I often pick something bigger for myself than I would as a gift for someone else.

I currently have 3 long term WIPs. One knit, one crochet and one cross stitch. I have lots of tatting projects on the go too, but none of them are that big. I prefer to tat jewelry and small motifs rather than large table cloths etc.

My knitting project is a double knit steampunk mad science scarf (pattern by Katrina Elsaesser). I’ve now finished chart one out of seven. Plenty more to knit! I don’t expect to finish this one for winter this year.

My cross stitch is a huge watercolour fox. I love the colours and how it looks now I’ve got a good chunk of the pattern completed. I recently switched to working in 10×10 blocks and parking my threads for this one. This is new to me, so it’s been good to try it out. I think it does speed up my stitching and it makes counting a bit easier.

My third WIP is a Crafty Intentions dragon. I love Megan’s work and I finally got round to starting one of her patterns! They’re well written and not as complex as I expected so if you’ve been considering it, give it a go!

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