November Mini Motifs: Winter

It’s getting colder and darker now as winter properly draws in. Perfect for cosy craft evenings. If you’re looking for a quick stitch, give these winter motifs a go. They’re simple and fast enough to complete in one go, and they’re great for decorations or christmas cards. If you’re looking for something more festive though, check back for December’s Christmas themed mini motifs!

As usual, you can find an ad-free printable PDF version in my Etsy store. Sales in my store help fund my pattern designing!

This month there’s quite a bit of white so I’ve use a coloured background to show the designs more clearly. Some of the designs will look best on darker fabrics and blend into white. To stitch these, you’ll need the following DMC (or equivalent) colours


DMC white, 666


DMC 666

Woolly hat

DMC 666

Ice Skate

DMC 310, 413, 747


DMC 310, white, 433, 666


DMC 310


DMC white
DMC white
DMC white


DMC white, 310, 740

If you’d like more free mini cross stitch designs you can find the previous monthly mini motifs here. I’d love to see any designs you stitch. Tag me on facebook or instagram, or leave me a comment below with a pic!

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