December Mini Motifs: Christmas

Only 3 weeks til Christmas! If you’re anything like me you’re busy finishing things up at work, making Christmas gifts, and maybe desperately trying to finish that pair of gloves before it gets any colder. For a quick break, try one of these mini stitches. You can use them for cards or as part of gifts, or just a little festive thing for yourself.

As always, there’ll be an ad-free printable PDF version available in my Etsy store if you prefer to download the patterns.

To stitch my festive Christmas motifs, you’ll need the following DMC (or equivalent) colours


DMC 310, white, 813

Candy Cane

DMC white, 666

Christmas Pudding

DMC white, 434, 666, 700

Christmas Tree

DMC 666, 700, 728


DMC 310, 666, 700


DMC 310, 666, 700


DMC 310, 434, 666, 3864

Santa Hat

DMC 310, white, 666


DMC 310, white, 666, 700


DMC 666, 700

Happy stitching! For more Christmas designs you could check out my winter motifs from last month.

I’d love to see any designs you stitch. Tag me on facebook or instagram, or leave me a comment below with a pic!

Hopefully I’ll have a bit more time soon to add some larger patterns and an update on the projects I’ve been working on. My new job has eaten into my designing time!

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