Stitchmaynia Days 21-25

Apologies for the lack of posts last week. My phone screen broke so I’ve been limited in my ability to take photos. Hopefully I should be caught up on posting the rest of my Maynia starts soon.

Start 21 is a test stitch for my June Monthly Mini Motifs. Check back on Monday to get your free patterns! This month the theme is food and drink. I’m not going to share all the stitches with you just yet, but I really like this cute little sushi!

Next is another of my space themed patterns. I’m still loving the Etoile thread. I’m hoping to get both my new space patterns finished off in June.

I was on a bit of a cross stitch roll. My next start is another cross stitch! It’s a fairly small one so I should have it finished off soon. Check back for the pattern in a week or so!

I’m still enjoying amigurumi and made good progress on my next start. It’s amazing how quickly these can grow while I’m watching TV.

And for day 25, I started a commission for a tatted floral belt similar to the bookmark I made recently

The final 6 starts will be online soon!

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