July Mini Motifs

Real life has been keeping me busy lately between a holiday and being ill so these are a little later than usual. July’s mini motif theme is the beach. These are great for incorporating into a summer sampler, or for making cards, badges, keychains, or other small gifts.

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You’ll need the following DMC colours (or equivalent) to stitch these motifs

Beach Umbrella

DMC 310, 3890

Bucket and Spade

DMC 444, 666

Ice Lolly

DMC 433, 444, 666, 906

Palm Tree

DMC 433, 906


DMC 310, 444, 666

Scuba mask

DMC 310, 906, 3890


DMC 310, 318, 970, white


DMC 444


DMC 310, 3890


DMC 310, 666, 970, 3890

I hope you enjoy stitching these. Show me what you’ve made in the comments or tag me on instagram!

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